Zero Athletic 

I originally got involved in Multipsort  through my daughter Felicity Abram ( ).Fliss was one of the first girls sponsored by 2XU back in 2005. The brand had just started and I asked if I could start up their first Performance store in 2005 . We did , and ended up with 3 stores in Brisbane/ Gold Coast and Sydney which I ran successfully.  I have since moved on but the years I had building the brand were invaluable. Zero Athletic evolved as an offshoot from some of our other businesses  - where I found it necessary to produce a  good Multi-Sport Bag and Jacket which did not cost a fortune but had great fabric, design and afforability. 
Zero Athletic focusses on a small range of products which are essential to anyone who enjoys Multipsort or the outdoors... and they are functional, well made and do the job - at an affordable price.

We can also do bulk orders for the bags for groups or clubs - and also offer logo's application if desired.

Happy training - adnd keep fit! 



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