Most of us ... (and I say most of us because I know there are some nutters who will just sign up for a race with hardly any prep whatsoever ... myself included haha ! ) will  put countless hours into training .If you are competeing in anything from Olympic distance and over,   and you have no nutrition strategy or some kind of plan ,  those countless training hours can all go to waste. Now I'm not an accredited dietician but I've tried numerous gels and bars in my career and not all of them sit well in the stomach . Especially on top of pre race nerves ! Everybody processes foods differently and if somone tells you that gel 'A ' is amazing ...then be sure to try it in training before you race and probably best to try it in a hard session or race simulated session . It's easy to take on nutrition when you are going at a  slow pace. However , it's a lot more difficult when you're in the zone or  doing a higher intensity interval . If you are unsure what your body needs during a race,  there are many accredited sports dieticians that can help plan a fuelling strategy that may take a few goes to correct or perfect. However it is worth the practise. This way -  come race day , you 'll be confident you'll have enough to get you finishing strong and its one less thing to stress about on race morning !

 Happy Training and Racing!

Flick  :)


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