Practice in Open Water 

You don't have to be new to the sport to have a little bit of open water anxiety ! I find the best way to help you get over the fear of open water is to simply practice swimming in it . Of course it may be daunting doing this on your own . Grab a few friends and get out there together . It's more fun and safer in numbers . Give yourselves a purpose to the session . I like to pick a point to swim to ( for myself it may be a kilometre or so ) warm up and swim relatively controlled . Practice sighting the point your going to . If its possible , pick landmarks along the way .Once there ,regroup with the team and swim back to where you started but this time swim hard . Race pace .If you're swimming  in cooler water and wearing your wetty, practice your transition of taking it off . Shouldn't be hard if you're wearing Dare 2 Tri ;)